Wednesday, 4 January 2017

house address number 4 numerology

house address number 4 numerology

If the total of the number of your house address comes to 4 then it's said to have number 4 house number. People living here are very hard workers and to an extent they get name and fame easily. Let's see more about number 4.

This is the most unpredictable number and it's seen that people living here are very particular about their looks , career or anything.

It's best suited for builders, architects and bankers. People living here are very punctual of time and to an extent are like clocks.

Such houses are suitable for those who want to achieve alot in life, such ambitions which could be real. As far as electronic gadgets are concerned they are very ahead.

If you are serious about life and are focused on targets then this house will give you good success.

It's also seen that a person has to struggle alot here as it will not give success easily. If one is not patient and serious then this house should not be taken.

Apart from this regular maintenance work might carry on here. The house night crop up certain situations which are even beyond control of the inhabitants also they are not easily satisfied.

Earthy colors suit these houses like brown,skin tone and light colors.

If you seek adventure or variety then this house is not for you.

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