Thursday, 22 December 2016

numerology qualities of people born on 18th

numerology qualities of people born on 18th

Today let us talk about nature of people who are born on 18th of any month as per numerology. Alongside moolank(birth number) 9 this number also has some of its own characteristics. Let's take a look at number 18 properties.

These people have a strong will power and they know how to meditate due to which they have a good endurance level.

These people are not dashing but are very courageous. They get ancestral property from father, have a disciplined brain and help other people without much thinking.

They have a very sharp memory and tend to remember everything but do not bring everything to notice. To overcome their present problems they should keep learning from their past mistakes.

In all their decisions family matters are taken into consideration because they take care of their family alot. They have a good judgement as they do not take sides easily. They do not decide on right and wrong just mere by seeing faces.

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