Friday, 23 December 2016

numerology of House number 1 residents

numerology of House number 1 residents

Today we are starting a new series in numerology which is the house number. A house number tells alot about its inhabitants. Numerology has numeric vibration which is why the house number effects the lifestyle. Let's talk about people who have house number 1.

In numerology there are certain houses where we feel very good while we feel unlucky in some. Numbers play an important role here.

First of all to calculate the house number we should add house or flat number eg if your address is G 24 then G = 7 the Alphabet then we have 24 so 7+2+4= 13 then 1+3=4 similarly house number can be found.

Inhabitants of number 1 are more inclined to do business and if they plan to do work from home they get successful too. This house gives a new business idea, freedom and openness.

To a large extent it gives positive energy. Inhabitants want to be self dependent. It's also seen that people tend to feel like bosses or become proudy but somehow later on they develop leadership skills also.

Due to number 1 they don't follow or walk with the crowd. This house represents Sun which shines the most in the sky so whoever wishes to live or be in spotlight number 1 will favour them.

At times they might feel lonely but they have high ambitions and are famous too. People who are self employed this house suits them the most.

Inhabitants might have eye problems or blood pressure issues

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