Friday, 9 December 2016

Numerology and stress

Numerology and stress

We all take a lot of stress for our work and lifestyle. Numerology states various stress points for different numbers , we are giving their remedies as well. Let's see how as per numerology one can be away from stress.

Number 1
They might have habit of thinking about their past most of the time, this is the cause of their stress they should try and learn to forget about things. The sooner they will forget they will benefit.

Number 2
They quickly get hyper but should learn how to control their emotions. Whenever the situation appears out of hand they must chill or take long breath and keep calm. This would make things easier.

Number 3
These people want every work to be done according to their will when this is not happening they start their drama I mean they get tensed. In such a situation they should talk as calmly and slowly as possible, they will see the benefit themselves.

Number 4
These people remain busy with in themselves. They should take up or do the amount of work which they can easily do avoiding stress and tension. They should go for purity. A tea giving fresh feel or a morning walk keeps them fit

Number 5
These people mostly neglect their health and give less attention to themselves alongside stuck with the work. This is the main cause of stress. They should take more care of their health and looks and that too constantly.

Number 6
These people get bored quickly with anything. This pushes them towards stress so they should keep themselves engaged in some or the other work or plan or anything and be busy.

Number 7
These people are lazy types and they tend to stress without anything. They should exercise daily and keep themselves fresh and active.

Number 8
These people are the loners of the world, it's best for them to discuss their stuff with their closest people. Normally they tend to keep things inside them and do not let those out and remain stressed. Find a good friend or some and share all emotions inside.

Number 9
This is the best number as we all know
These people think alot about their life so much so that its overdone which is the main cause of their stress. These people should learn how to chill ,laugh and also make other laugh along with them. This habit might bring a positive change.

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