Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Repeat of Alphabet in your name meaning numerology

Repeat of Alphabet in your name meaning numerology

In numerology every word every alphabet has its own importance and own power. Let's talk today about alphabet repetition in any name about what effect this has on personality of a person.

If A,I,J,Y,Q letters are repeated

They make a person ambitious and independence loving. They are very tough people.

If B,R,K letters are repeated

They are sensitive natured and feel insecure mostly. They are artistic in nature alongside being tolerant.

If C,G,S,L letters are repeated

They can be of good nature,h Ave one or other talent, loving and magnetic person.

If D,M,T letters are repeated

They have the capacity of changing themselves,hardworking and are successful in business. They sacrifice fir their family.

If E,N,H,X letters are repeated

They have good chance of getting financial gain but the repetition of alphabet makes them careless and to an extent weird.

If V,U,W letters are repeated

They have human values, responsibility, their association with home affairs and domestic matters brings them luck.

If O,Z letters are repeated

These are associated with religion ,meditation and studies. If they proceed with belief they can reach fir anything.

If F,P letters are repeated

These letters are good for business they love to travel and gains alot from business.

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