Saturday, 26 November 2016

People born on 16 of any month have always running mind

As per numerology people who are born on 16 have the qualities of people born on 7 along with qualities of people who are born on 16. Let's discuss about their nature.

They like to proceed slowly and not with the help of hard work. Sensitive, get quickly upset, quickly get normal, quite possible that they may be constantly ill.

Their children are very good and successful. Their married life may be sorrowful not majorly but possible.

They may appear as calm on the outside but inside their mind is always running and all of a sudden get angry. They don't disclose their problems easily and take any decisions slowly.

They will never show their strength but love to detect and they are sure to hold on some secrets. They are cunning, alert and intelligent. We have no idea where they use all these qualities that they possess.

They should stop over thinking as it could lead them to depression.

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