Saturday, 5 November 2016

Nature of spouse having number 4 according to numerology

Nature of spouse having number 4 according to numerology

​lets talk about people born on 4,13,22 of any month. They have number 4 in numerology. How are they as spouses ​,their nature, way of thinking for their partner lets see.

These people could feel attracted to persons born during 19february to 20th March and 21 October to 20 November. Apart from this they could also have attachment for people with number 1,2,4.

Husband of Number 4 numerology

They are emotional .They want spouse to be active and sharp natured along with being physically strong .They are intelligent people and want that all the work related to household should be done according to their wishes. They have a good heart for their spouse.

Wife of number 4 numerology

They are smart and attractive and have a very strong will power and good dressing sense. They have a lot of dreams but just because they do not have focus which hinders their progress. With their stubborn nature they at times waste their time.

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