Monday, 31 October 2016

Nature of the spouse having number 1 as per numerology

Nature of the spouse having number 1 as per numerology

Let us talk about number 1 as per numerology (birth date 1, 19, 28). People with number 1 wan their spouse to be similar enthusiast like themselves and should look good as well whether it is home or public. How the spouses of number 1 are let’s have a look.

Nature of number 1 people

People who are born in the duration 21july 20August, 21 November -20 December or 21 March -20 April have natural attraction. If possible then they should select a partner who is born during this period. Apart from this these people have love for number 1,4,5,7, people. Let’s talk of number 1 husband and wife.

Number 1 as husband

Generous natured, feel that their wife should have a status in the society. They have a clear heart and kind but the only problem is that they want to run the situation themselves. They want others to do as they say and they do not tolerate any disrespect at all.

Number 1 as wife

They are of aristocratic nature. They like inviting people to their houses and respecting all. They are passionate natured so they need a husband who is equally good.

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