Monday, 10 October 2016

A January born husband-wife as per numerology

A January born husband-wife as per numerology

lets discus on character of person as husband or wife who born in January. mainly they have a natural attraction towards person who born on 8,17,26. let discus more.....


January born husband numerology

they take or treat their wife as a stranger or a normal person also do same with family members. Good thing is they are very kind and give anything without thought of any consideration. sometimes their nature becomes very impersonal type, and wife feels little unsatisfactory and loss in personal life. 

they always try to investigate if you find disrespect against you. you can give anything to your family but want respect from wife and children.

January born wife as per numerology

numerology says they are talented girls, their thinking are very wide
but mainly they  suffer themselves to make someone happy. they are kind person and use their spare time to do productive activities. 

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