Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Why is number 11 different from others in numerology

Today let's talk about number 11, which is considered very special in numerology. If the sum of you name spelling comes to 11 or your birth date is 11 then you should calculate it in this way. It will not be done like 11=1+1=2.. It's a very lucky number. Let's see the positives and negatives of this number.

number 11 numerology 

Positives of number 11

Due to the effect of this number you will possess humane nature so you will think about betterment of others. Appearance of two time number 1 will make you very energetic. Due to the Sun's effect these people have very good intuitive power and can predict the future as well. Wherever they go they become the centre of attraction.

They have quality of a strong will power. They are also spiritual as a result of number 2 effect.

Negatives of number 11

They are very emotional as a result very quickly get tensed. They should become practical if they become selfish then it will be bad for them.

They also at times turn dictators and impose their thoughts on others. Number 11 might make you at times very strange and dangerous intention.

They are very quietly emotional and don't show their feelings. Whatever might be going on in their hearts could never be seen on their face. Whatever they do they do it with their will not to show others anything.

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