Monday, 22 August 2016

birthday number 5 and marriage compatibility

Those born on 4,14,23 of any month are said to have number 5. Ruler is mercury which influences knowledge and Intelligence so it's obvious that these people are intelligent, courageous and hardworking. 

number 5 marriage numerology

While talking about marriage and love since they are Sociable they are surrounded alot of friends but whom should they marry for good results let's see.

Because of their intelligence people marrying them are happy. Befriending number 1,2,9 is favourable for them. Out of all 1,5 are the best friends for them. 

numerology says As far as spouse is considered they should go for number 2 people. As number 2 are soft hearted people and in condition where heart and mind make perfect combination life becomes simple.

numerology  numbers 5 should stay away from number 8 people as both numbers 5,8 are intelligent so both Intelligent people will have different opinions.

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