Wednesday, 8 June 2016

birthday number 9 (born on 9,18,27) financial life as per numerology

Let's talk about the financial condition of those born on 9,18,27 of any month. These best number of all is number 9 let's talk more about their finances.

They are lucky in financial matters to an extent and earn more than an average person but also tend to loose money in haste. Money doesn't come easily they should understand this.

They don't face much difficulty in setting up income base. They enjoy all benefits from money. They are very generous spenders and also tend to spend alot when it comes to their partners.

If they do a business which involves credit then they face problems. Reason being that they might appear to be a strong headed person but actually they are very soft at heart. Property sale and purchase also benefits them.

It's seen that they earn money easily and with less effort than others but they are valued till the time they earn money.

as per numerology It's seen in positive number 9 that they have a Midas touch along with alot of compassion due to which these people are not able to handle wealth for long and could possibly donate their wealth for the social benefits.

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