Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Name number 8 numerology

If 8 is the sum of your name alphabets , it will be called number 8 . let's see their characteristics.

name Number 8 features -

8 numbers have alot of ups and downs in life .They do any job after too much thinking and leisurerely. They like to live aloneand don't like show offs .

They are far thinkers whose fruit they get much later . They do their work as per their minds wish. They beleive in what they see.

These guys remain loyal to their friends to full fidelity . Sometimes they dont get credit for their work . But they get it after very hard work. They also have finesse .

They have habit of doubting others. Sometimes they may be take the wrong approach to point mistakes which should be avoided by them . These folks can not express their love quickly.

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