Friday, 13 May 2016

Name number 6 numerology

Let's talk of number 6. If the sum of name alphabet is 6 then it's name number 6. Let's talk About characteristics and shortfall of number 6.

Characteristics of name number 6 as per numerology

They have a very attractive personality since childhood. They are very good at attracting other towards themselves. They are beautiful and are also included towards beauty.

They are of romantic nature and make friends slowly and don't hurry off things. They love traveling and the works associated to it also suits them apart from hotel industry business for profession.

Faithful in lulove these people never hide their feelings. They love to spend alot and they do it too.

They can't live alothey need some one or the other with them Always.


If they don't like a certain work they will not be able to do it.they should stop being stubborn and very restless.

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