Friday, 6 May 2016

name number 3 numerology

These people are influenced by Lord jupiter alot. They are courageous and ambitious. They are good friends of number 3 and this is lucky for them as well.

character of name number 3 in numerology

Due to the influence of planet jupiter they are simple natured ,clear thoughts and have unmatched balance of courage and ambitions. They forgive others for their mistakes and their very big trait is that they are very honest people. 

No matter what profession they choose they reach to the top undoubtedly. Trustworthiness and responsibility is their key for doing all sorts of works. People are effected with their honesty and truthfulness.These people are very loyal to the duty - rearing and fulfill it to the best place to find it all . 

The problematic area for them is that they are very self respectful and do not like to take help or favour from others. At times these people become conceit which creates problems for them.

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