Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Name number 2 in numerology

Characteristics of name number 2 numerology

It's influenced by the Moon which rules thoughts,fatherhood and emotions. These people are calm and tolerant nature. They also have a very clean heart, artistic and romantic naturally.

They are researchers like number 1 people and open to new ideas and thoughts. Due to their unstable nature they are seldom fixed about a thing but are imaginative.

Number 2 people like to run their mind alot and are decent,manner full and good speakers people can't stay away from them without being effected.

They have the quality of knowing what is in other persons thoughts. They don't like to be alone. Despite of being creative they are less confident and also keep shifting their thoughts every now and then.

They are sensitive by nature and get quickly disappointed if they don't get their preferred environment. This is the thing about them which needs to be changed.

Thess people are day dreamers and they love doing so. They should try to keep their thoughts in tact and avoid being emotional and restless and try to increase confidence.

Lucky Color: Light green and yellow , silver , purple , light purple .

Lucky Gemstone: emerald and pearl .

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