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Name number 1 numerology

Name number 1 numerology

Calculation of name number is done on the basis of English alphabets. Formed by the sum of the letters of the person's name is called name number. Kerio method,Pythagorean method and Seferiyal method is used in calculation.

To know your name number in English type in your name. Eg a person's name is RAVI , Then order now from below by writing the number of these add Alphabet . R = 2, A = 1, V = 6, I = 1.
Now add these points = 2 + 1 + 6 + 1 = 10
Then 1+0=1 

so your name number is 1.

Name number 1 attribute | qualities and Behviour

They have a tolerant nature. They are willing to
work hard towards success during hard times and due to this they become successful. 

They are very in-suppressible and people believe in them and respect them as well. If they take upon any work they try their level best to be successful. 

No matter which field or profession they get into they are sure shot successful. Their aim is fixed. They get sudden an quick success. 

They like decoration and beautification and furnishings decoration and makeup.They also try to keep their surroundings clean and attractive. They don't like mismanagement and show off. Apart from this they are food lovers,also love nature ,art and they are specifically indicated towards cleanliness. 

Number 1 people are freedom lovers. They hate to be told what to do and Restrictions. They earn alot of money from their hardwork and also tend to spend a lot.This is the reason why they have difficulty in savings. They master the art of making friends also people can't stay away from them without being impressed. They are joyful and attractive.

The problem with these people are that they are stubborn and Autocrat due to which they have to face financial problems and scarcity of money.

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