Friday, 29 April 2016

Choosing car as per numerology

A lot of things are studied in numerology. It has a very simple concept that whatever number or event suits name sum and sum of date of birth if will not give good results even will not harm as well. Let's see how to choose on car number.

how to choose Car number as per numerology

It's seen that at times a car creates akot of problems either its always broken down or its prone to accidents and alot of money is spent on it. Apart from this at times a car runs very well and saves money too, do you have any idea why? It's also related to numerology. A car number if is favourable with your destiny number or fate number then it will give benefits and if it's not favourable then it will give negative effects. Let's understand this.

As a car number DLT - 1234 's . If we will add all the numbers of the car . Number 4 for D , L for 3 and T is 2 points . Now we add these this way

4+3+2+1+2+3+4=19= 1+9= 10= 1

This way the car number will be 1

The we add our fate number which is eg 18-1-1988 =45 =9

As per numerology 1 and 9 are compatible with each other so car will give good results. Apart from this if we get 7,8 then car would give bad effect as 7,8 are not good with 1,9.

Similarly you can choose your mobile number. Mobile numbers sum should be decided as per the sum of your talent number.

Note talent number and date number is one and same thing.

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