Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Suitable career for life path number 8

Suitable career for life path number 8

If the sum of your birth date,day and year totals to 8 then it's said to be life path number 8. They are ruled by planet Saturn and are altruistic. Let's walk about their career. Inclination towards knowledge and education gives them good career in sports ,medicine or finance. Let's see what all other options are available for them.

The work in which they would slowly and gradually go towards a big success. They have a very good image in eyes of people. Corporate, banking,finance or their own business suits them well. 

These people like to invest money which makes them good financial advisor and real estate agents. They feel like becoming an expert in whatever field they go in. 

They have the capacity to earn more but they are scared of taking risks but still they analyze the profit and loss very well. 

Their dedication and big ambitions make them a big businessman or big government officials.

Like number 1 people they also about power and rights which makes them big judges and lawyers. These people should never let their hopes and ambitions get low for themselves.

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