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Months related to numbers in numerology

Months related to numbers in numerology

In numerology on basis of the movement of Sun in various zodiac signs every month is given a number. The duration of these months is different from the duration of normal months. Sun moves in 12 zodiac signs in a year starting from 21 March. Let's see based on which number will be effective for different numbers.

know which month relates which number 

March 21 equinox , when the Sun enters the area then it is considered to be the beginning of Aries . Similarly, all of the twelve zodiac signs are calculated. According to the calculations of the twelve sun signs astrology is different from the vedic astrology.

Aries is the first zodiac whose Lord is Mars and number 9 is of Mars in numerology. The time period from March 21 to April 19 is placed under the jurisdiction of Aries .This time period is of 9 number . 9 number is the owner of the Mars planet . From March 21 to April 19 Mars gives positive effects.

The time period from April 20 to May 20 is placed under the jurisdiction of Taurus . Taurus is the owner of the planet Venus . The number for it is 6 . Venus gives the positive effects.

The time period from May 21 till June 20 is of Gemini. Mercury is the owner . This time period is 5 number . Mercury's impact is positive and good in this period.

From June 21 to July 20 period has been placed under the jurisdiction of Cancer . Two numbers were awarded for this time period . These two are - 2 and 7 , and Cancer is the owner of the planet moon.This time period is a positive effect of the moon.

The time period of July 21 by 20 August is of Leo zodiac whose owner is the sun . Within this time period, two numbers, 1 and 4 are covered. At this time the effect of the sun is good.

From August 21 to September 20 it's time period for Virgo and Mercury is the owner and number 5 is of the planet Mercury . This period is considered to be negative for the 5 members .

Period from September 21 to October 20 is for zodiac Libra lord is planet Venus , number 6 is associated with it, Venus gives the negative effect here.

21 October to 20 November is the time for scorpio zodiac whose Lord is Mars,but here it's effect is negative.

21 November to 20 December is the one period for number 3. It's zodiac is Sagittarius. This zodiac and number of it is 3 and Guru planet. Here effect of guru is positive.

21 December to 20 January comes under number 8. Capricorn is the zodiac here and it's Lord is Saturn gives positive effects.

21 January to 20 February is associated with Aquarius zodiac, the number 8 is associated with it with Saturn as the ruler which gives negative effects.

21 February to 20 March is associated with zodiac Pieces and ruler is Guru which gives negative influence.

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