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Life path number 9 meaning in numerology

Life path number 9 meaning in numerology

To know life path number you must know the date of birth date of month and year for example 6-6-1959 is the date of birth so the life path number will be birth date+month+year= life path number.

Birth date 6
Birth month 6
Birth year 1959
So 6+6+1+9+5+9=36
3+6=9 which is root number

Behavior and qualities of number 9

They have the inborn quality of leadership and organization. These people are dedicated and are effected by planet Mars. They have a lot of friends anyone who comes in contact with them can hardly stay away from them. 

They have a lot of anger in them alongside ability to take risk and dangerous. They are Luxuriant and colorful patterns can be hooked. They have a constant urge to progress and move ahead. So they try to do their work without stopping. 

They believe in working as per time and try to fulfill their responsibility's in a proper way thereby attaining success. They are successful money savers too.

They might look hard on the surface but are very kind inside. People will not dare to speak in front of you but will criticize behind your back.

Beauty is seen to attract them and they like decoration too. They attain good level of success with their hard work. They are not scared of any obstacles and with courage remove all obstacles.

They get angry quickly and this at times can cause loss to them as well. So they need to control their anger. They love freedom and do not like to work under anyone.

Lucky years for life path number 9 

When they have a sum or occurrence of 3,6,9,5 will be favorable like 18,27,30,36,45,54,59,69, will favour.

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