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Life path number 8 numerology

Life path number 8 numerology

To know life path number you must know the date of birth date of month and year for example 5-6-1959 is the date of birth so the life path number will be
Birth date 5
Month 6
Year 1959
So 5+6+1+9+5+9 =35

Character and qualities of number 8

They have extraordinary personality which is very difficult for others to understand and their life is effected by Lord  Saturn.

People generally misunderstand them because of their personality but if someone stays linger with them then they can truly understand these people.

They don't like to show off and believe in reality and keep their feelings hidden inside them. These people test reality so much that as a result their life just becomes a mere doing a duty.

They are effected by Lord Ssturn due to which they can be seen as radical extremists. Whatever work they do they do it with full Consciousness power till the end. They never leave a work unfinished and believe in completion of their work. 

They have a life full of struggles and through their courage and hard work they touch new heights of success tackle dangers with courage to end them and do any work with diligence.

They are responsible and have serious thoughts. If they undertake any responsibility then they try to the fullest to do that work due to which people give them respect. Number 8 people are Fearless ,outspoken and passionate so they are ready to make any sacrifices whether big or small.

16,17,26,31,35,38,44,53,58,70 years are favorable. 

Career engineering, scientific research ,astrology,lawyers, ritual,judge, army, mineral department,technical work,horse riding,farming,submarine and politics. 

Negative points of life path number 8

They always crave for respect and success. They want to do move ahead quickly. They have urge to be in competition and being strong opponent.

Putting too much trust in anyone will prove dangerous for you. Your life will have lots of ups and downs.

You will be worried for any accidents to happen.

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