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Life path number 7 meaning

Life path number 7

To know life path number you must know the date of birth date of month and year for example 6-11-1943 is the date of birth so the life path number will be Birth date 6, Month 11= 1+1=2
Year 1943 =1+9+4+3=17
So 6+2+8=16   =   6+1=7

Number 7 people are efficient logical, clear speakers and talkative. They are made for mysterious works. They constantly work towards carving a niche for themselves continuously. So it becomes very difficult to know about them.

life path number 7 meaning in numerology

They have good sense of decision making. They only put their hands on the work which are beneficial and fruitful. They are discreet, alert and intelligent. They are generally busy in their own self . Before doing any work they think about it very deeply and then work on it and are successful in the end.

It's also seen that you not even think once before breaking the old notions if they are burden on you. Many times you will loose your temper and do actions without thinking. Thus situation is not good for you. Your life could be in danger because of water sports or activities so beware of it.

They don't like to be frippery when it's related to religion and keep mantle away. By their work they tend to put religion in the path of progress.

They don't quickly trust anyone. It's also seen that these people don't form very good relations with others so they like to be secluded which makes them self-centered and introvert finally becoming intolerant.

Career for life path number 7

Yoga teacher,agriculture department, journalists,insurance company, surgery treatment,secret services, agricultural work, liquids related business, ayurvedic medicine business,shop of electrical repairs,motor parts etc related business will be favorable.

Lucky year will be whenever the sum will be 2,4,7 or when these numbers will be face to face then those will be your lucky years like 16,25,27,31,34,43,52,56 and 70 will be favorable for you.

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