Friday, 4 March 2016

Life path number 6 numerology

To know life path number you must know the date of birth date of month and year for example 22-11-1980 is the date of birth so the life path number
Date 22=2+2=4
Month 11=1+1=2
Year 1+9+8+0=18 ,18=1+8=9

4+2+9=15, 15=1+5=6

They are influenced by venus planet which represents beauty. Beautiful artistic music and literature interest them. They like to do their work on time and they don't like people who are lazy. If they are planing to trust someone then they should confirm it first.

life path number 6 meaning in numerology

They have tendency to get fat so they should watch what they eat very carefully. They should not indulge in arguments else they could deviate from their goals. They try to prove that they are correct even if they are wrong and they should change this habit. 

As per numerology science life path 6  believe in doing their work on time and hate being lazy. Influence of venus makes them beautiful and attractive so they have a special type of attraction by which people are easily influenced. They also at times work as middlemen to sort out differences among two people. 

Professionally they could take up jobs in restaurant, literature, film advertisement ,craftsman, contractor in transport department,cloth seller,diamond business,beauty cosmetic, work associated with white colour items,painting, construction, mineral working will be beneficial.

In their lives whenever the sum of age will be 2,3,6,9 they will give good results like 21,24,30,33,39,42,46,54,56 etc will be good.

life path 6 persons are money spenders this is the reason why they have problems in saving which causes problems in future.

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