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birth number 9 (born on 9-18-27) in numerology

birth number 9 (born on 9-18-27) in numerology

People who are born on 9,18,27 of any month are said to have birth number (moolank) 9. The Lord of this number is Mars. It's associated with energy and excitement so people of this number are of very excited nature.

as per numerology They have a heavy body. Loud and harsh voice. They have the capacity to fight of any circumstances. They love discipline and have fixed values.


Talking about their education these people are very sharp learners. They have immense energy to take on any subject that is the reason why these people go on for a successful higher education. It's also possible that their education is effected due to some obstacles and a few people might leave education as well but mostly they successfully attain higher education levels. Arts and science interest them the most. 


In numerology it is consider that Their financial conditions are mutable. They tend to spend alot and have a good ancestral property. They also benefit from their in-laws. They also get money by some risky matters but this should be avoided or done very carefully. So in a nutshell their financial condition is good overall.


These people do not have stable love relationships due to their anger, self respect or haughtiness is also a reason seen for their breakup. They desire beautiful and obedient partner but due to their luxurious lifestyle they have problems in their marital life. They have normal children benefit.


They are mostly seen as businessman who are high risk takers. Also they become doctor, engineer,fire and electrical department worker etc. Apart from this they also work in politics ,hotel related,tourism,horse riding or circus related professions as well.


Whenever the situation for illness arrive then anger,irritation,accident,injury,organ hearts, heart problems,blood pressure problem etc will cause problems.


Lucky dates 9,18,27
Lucky days Sunday,Tuesday,Monday,Thursday
Lucky color red or pink Colors

Important life years 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81 etc
Lucky days Thursday, Tuesday and Friday
Good colors Pink, dark red,white or yellow.

Lucky Direction East, northeast and northwest.

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