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birth number 8 (born date 8-17-26) in numerology

birth number 8 (born date 8-17-26) in numerology

Persons born on 8,17,26 of any month are said to have moolank (root number) 8. The Lord of this number is Saturn. People under this number are introvert. They work away alone from the hustle and bustle unlike some others. They are deep thinkers.

They slowly progress in life due to Saturn's influence and work for improvement of the world this is a reason why other people don't give them much importance this makes them unsociable and lost on their own and cut from rest of the world. Once they set a goal they certainly achieve it and are not at all let down by the obstacles and problems. 


In the sphere of education number 8 people get good education but they have to work hard for it. If at all they decide to sit back and not try to overcome difficulties then their education could also be left in the middle. Also the people who don't fear obstacles attain a high level of education.


Their financial condition are said to be good because they have tendency to save money. Saturn's influence makes them hardworking and dedicated but they overcome all obstacles and problems and get success which might take some time but will have permanency in life. 


Their marriage or love seldom lasts as they are the kind of people who tend to keep their love within themselves. But females under this number are very clever and use their brains in matters of love. There could be problems in marital life and constant dicord could also prevail. They have difficulty in conceiving, could have less children but children do help in towards the saving of money. 


Number 8 people attain success on their own efforts and hardwork. They become successful doctors,chemists,hardware store owner,transporter, contractors and machine level worker. They are also successful in printing press and life insurance work. Being Saturn's number some people of this number are also seen as laborers.


Talking about their health they suffer from liver,spleen,breathing disorder,urinary and bowel problems, skin and abdominal disorders. Moolank 8 people should avoid seclusion as being alone causes their heart to be heavy and sad which could lead them to doing something wrong. 


Lucky dates 8,17,26
Lucky days Monday Wednesday Friday Thursday
Lucky colors deep brown,black and blue 


Due to the influence of Saturn these people face a lot of hardships. Others might consider them to be hard and harsh but this is not the case. These people have a nature of doubting. They get sad with even the most smallest of things. Despite of their good nature they are clever.

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