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birth number 6 (born on 6-15-24) numerology

People were born on 6th, 15th, and 24th of any month, their birth Number (Moolank)is 6. Their lord planet is Venus, which is the symbol of love and peace.They have well shaped body. They look beautiful and spectacular. Women whose birth number is 6 are very graceful and pretty. 

as per numerology Their old age comes late. These people are art lover and their inclination to beauty. There occurs some magnetic power in Venus, so that these individuals are capable to attract others. 

They are with long life-span, strong, healthy and cheerful. No other Moolank have that much capability of attracting others, than the Moolank 6 has. In spite of being materialistic, they are very generous and kind-hearted. They are more interested in travelling. If they love someone, they are willing to sacrifice everything for him/ her.


birth number 6 numerology suggest When it comes to their education, they acquire the best one. The ability of giving shape to their ideas is relatively low so, these individuals have been noticed falling behind but they have interest in music and art.


If we talk about their financial condition, that is not the same all the time. They spend more than their income, but they always make efforts. There are some possibilities that they might face some problem regarding their properties and assets. These individuals are very logical, astrologer, and can be a successful businessman. They want to do their work by their own way.


If we talk of marriage and love, they are masters in making someone fond of them. They are very jolly and get along with. They are very clever in  (sexual relation, intercourse) but there are some moments in life when they have to face bad phase of life, it can hit so hard. Generally they have a happy family but the suspicious relationship with spouses may hurt them.


When it comes to their health, These people are physically strong but immunity power is less therefore; they may have some problems regarding throat, nose, lungs, chest and venereal disease. Apart from that diabetes, sperm or heart-related diseases can upset them. This is very common that they get attracted to opposite sex because of the influence of Venus, but they need to control their habit.


6th, 15th and 24th of any month, mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays are auspicious for them. Light blue, light pink and white color are favorable for them.


These people need to avoid anger, anxious, and temper. Mentally they are very sensitive. They also need to avoid alcohol or any kind drug addiction.

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