Monday, 8 February 2016

birth number 5 (born on 5-14-23) numerology

People born on 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month, their Moolank (birth number) is '5'. Their lord planet is Mercury, which is sign of intellectual and knowledge. Therefore, these people bound to be wise as well as courageous and hardworking. 

They accept challenges and win. These individuals are so talented, intelligent,and humored. These people have talent of logic. They can be a good businessman.


If it comes to education, they acquire the best one. They know several languages. Actually they are poly got. If they couldn't get good education, even then they have been called intelligent. They also study religious texts and secret lore.


If we talk about their financial state it's been called that they earn money by doing something new, something innovative. They never face problems in it. These individuals earn wealth with their intelligence. Moolank '5'(individuals) always try to find new sources of  easily making money. These people are very playful and always be in hurry.


If we talk about their relations, generally we see that these individuals(Moolank 5) have good bonding with their sisters and brothers, and also with their family. They make friends very easily and their friends are forgotten very soon. It's been noticed they have good relation with birth numbers 1-3-4-5-7 and 8.


If we talk about their marriage and love life, they have lots of friend cause of being friendly but their love life is not durable. It's been also noticed these individuals make their love relation for wealth, means there a hidden motive of selfishness behind their love life


When it comes to their scope, they find success in trade and industry. They can be a Manager, Advocate, Magistrate, Officer, Public Relation Officer, Educator, Doctor, Journalist and Astrologer. They have good knowledge of economics and music.


In spite of knowing the truth, these individuals could not leave their persistence or stubbornness of their false imagination, therefore, they become worried and sad in life.


When it comes to their health, these individuals can have these problems: Insomnia, pain in limbs, stress, indigestion, headache, nose and eyes may be inconvenienced. It's all because of using more mental power than usual.


Wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday and 5th, 14th, and 23rd of any month are very lucky for them. Green,  and white color is been considered lucky for them.

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