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birth number 4 (born on 4-13-22) numerology

People who were born on 4, 13, 22 and 31, their Moolank (birth number) is 4. The lord planet of birth number 4 is "Rahu (north lunar node)". Some numerologist consider this Uranus but we consider this numeral of Rahu. According to Indian Numerology Rahu is the lord planet of Moolank '4' and in Western Numerology "Harshal" that is supposed to Uranus, is considered its lord planet.

 It is considered that it has relation with Moolank '1' and the Sun. These individuals have a very uncertain and volatile life, and these circumstances come to their life suddenly. They are very proficient in accomplishing of stunning deeds. 

Characteristics of Moolank 4 (birth number 4) numerology

These individuals are very hardworking, they really struggle a lot. Moolank '4' expresses a different idea, their ideology is different from others. Therefore, their friends turn into their enemies. There is prominence of opposition in their behavior which appears at every turn of their life. As a result, people consider them quarrelsome.

These people are social reformer, exterminator of ancient practice. They adopt modern practice and try to remove the prevailing social stereotypes.

Moolank '4' is affected by Rahu, therefore, these individuals are courageous, progressive, destructive, and proficient in doing unlikely task..

They acquire got education but lack of seriousness in their nature, there is a possibility of disruption in education. However, they are interested in electronics and bizarre topics. They also have interest in secret lore.

Their life is so mysterious, the profit and loss, rise and fall take place accidentally in there life. It is hard to know the state of their mind. They keep their secret to their self. The mystique of Rahu is reflected in their character.

involved in continuous change and innovation and this new attempt to brighten up your name.

There is sudden and surprisingly progress has been noticed in their life, and some unexpected event can take place in life. Sometimes they find themselves at the zenith and sometimes at least. They have to be involved continuously and they try to do extremely good in inventions and research. They get friendly with elders and younger very easily. They are very friendly. They have interest in women.

Demerits of Moolank 4 (birth number)

These individuals don't have habbit of saving. These people are extravagant, They never think even once before spending money. Therefore, they should control their expenses and accumulate their wealth.

They get huge fame, but if they become tolerant and less hostile, they can earn more fame success in their life.

They have strange disease. Mental disorder, nerve and respiratory system diseases, blood pressure, heart disease, eye disease, back pain, such as epilepsy and insomnia are likely to be.

These individuals should try to change their behavior and ideology and should give up the tendency of competing, then you can be successful in every field.

Sometimes they face discord in their married life. They always worry about wife's health. They always find themselves alone even if family members care them.

These people always come forward with different approaches and become little bit antagonistic. As a result, people consider them selfish and quarrelsome, but they are not like that. Therefore, they often suffer in job.

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