Tuesday, 29 December 2015

career field for life path number 1

which field is suitable.... it is a big matter. so we discus today on the fields suitable for life path number 1. so if your birth total (dd+mm+yyyy) is 1 than your life path number is 1. let read which is best fields for l.p.n 1

People with number are born leader's they always look forward in life whether it be career or any other goal. they like works or profession where they get full independence. they more like if they treat like an head there.

it is suggest that they should  work as individual because hey do not able to tolerate with other's suggestion. they do not like compromises which is requirement of partnership. 

they can become an law and order officer or military man or sailor. also becomes business manager with head post. they have aggressive nature but are an Good motivator. they also gets profit from construction business. 

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