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characteristics of person name starts with letter "N"

characteristics of person name starts with letter "N"

N represents imagination. People who have their names starting from Alphabet "N" love speed and changes. They like to touch extremes in feelings of love, affection, and mercy. 

they are quite opinionated and change their mind only after much discussion. If your name starts with letter G

N is a very certain of itself as a writer and spokesman. N is imaginative and loves pleasure especially when indulging the senses.

Due to their sympathetic trait they will attract many friends. Such people are mostly driven by their mood and are impulsive and sensitive towards environment.

they are systematic about your life, documenting experiences in diary form, and might have your share of romantic "entanglements." 
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The negative N can be envious, covetous and jealous, which can cause divorce or separation , if it is taken to extremes. 
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