Saturday, 26 September 2015

people whose name starts with "H" in numerology

people whose name starts with H in numerology

People who have their names starting from Alphabet "H" are very good planners. H represents creativity and power. know more about person's whose name starts with letter H.

H is successful, self-contained, and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with the earth, and is a lover of nature.

The level of Intuition they have is much superior than others. This letter protects and brings caution & protection against dangers in future, and assures comfortable life. People with their Names Starting from Alphabet "H" are not generous to others, but still they manage to get help from others when required.

You are a visionary, but you also tend to make a lot of money and lose it fast. your creativity will serve you well. You think from the gut and might prefer to be alone. Fight any doubts you might have about yourself and spend plenty of time outdoors!  A negative H will be quite possessive, self-absorbed and greedy.

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