Monday, 28 September 2015

characterstics of person name starts with J in numerology

J is the 10 letter of English alphabet. J represents aspiration. person's name starts with letter J are Clever, truthful, creative and helpful. J is warm-hearted, well-meaning and reliable.

People who have their names starting from Alphabet "J" analyze life from point of view of both the genders. They have very good administrative skills and can do very good in any kind of constructive work. They are ready to face any challenge and are very confident about themselves.

People with Alphabet "J" as initial letter like followers and are good judge of people. J are broad-minded and free. They are aware of what is happening around them and are extremely wise. They indulge only in worthwhile matters.

sometimes negative J can be lazy, listless, dull and lethargic because they have no goal in life.

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