Saturday, 12 September 2015

Characteristics Of First Letter Of Your Name - A

Alphabetical Letter "A"

People whose  name starting from Alphabet "A" 

have highly developed brain power.This letter is highly

constructive in nature. This letter has very high potential 

and can elevate one to a very high status. Letter "A" is 

positive and male letter.

numerology of letter A

A as the first vowel in a name means the person has a strong interest in life in general. A also possesses an independent nature. When another A appears in the name it brings with it the quality of being level-headed and having the ability to think problems through.

negative side of A

As per numerology person having name starts with 'A' are some times it is scene that When three or more A’s appear in the name, this can tip the scales toward selfishness. The negative A can be a critical and skeptical individual, looking down upon the efforts of others from their lofty place of self-righteousness.

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