Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Characteristics Of First Letter Of Your Name - B

 Letter B represents the emotions. It is not a particularly strong letter on the physical plane, and can be influenced easily by others. People 

who have their names starting from Alphabet "B" have more 

things inside them than they exhibit.

 They have liking for spritual life and they are peace loving 

peoples. If people with their names starting from Alphabet 

"B" don't have descent 

aims, they may become quarrelsome and may create dis-

Amicable, homeliness, over-sensitive when short of self-confidence.

A love of domesticity, peace and quiet. A feminine B has a naturally motherly nature, while the male B has a love of nature and life in the country. They both feel a strong need for partnership, and have a strong dislike to being on their own.

negative points

A negative B can be quite selfish, concerned with themselves and what they can get. They can also become greedy and possessive.

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