Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Characteristics Of First Letter Of Your Name - E

E is the fifth letter of English alphabet. E is a strong letter, representing communication.People who have their names 

starting from Alphabet "E" are thinkers. 

They attract others easily. but, They are afraid of public 

opinion. Such people 

are also very secretive about their feelings, even in their 

worst times, they restrict themselves from sharing their 

feelings and show as if everything is normal in their life

. These people have a very creative mind and are deeply 

influenced by imaginations.

Characteristics of E - they are Entertaining, independent, skillful, intellectual and imaginative persons..

E as the first vowel in a name points toward an interesting and event filled life. A person with 3 or more E’s in their name can be nervous and temperamental, especially if E is the first vowel. A negative E can be unreliable and flirtatious.

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